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Unbelievable but True!

Multiple Sclerosis Treated!
JOYCE L. PO of San Mateo, Rizal

Patient: JOYCE L. PO, 10, female and resident of Blk 10, Lot 2, Olipsville, Gulod Malaya, San Mateo, Rizal.
CC: Severe headache, nosebleeding, seizures 3 times a day, abdominal pain on both sides, nausea, abnormal gait, poor memory, weakened resistance...
HPI: Dec. 2003, pt. had fever, cough, and severe headache w/ vomiting. Became weak, unable to open eyes, loss of appetite and had Bell’s palsy, tremor of (R) hand & dragging of (R) foot, seizure 3x a day. Pt. was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis & had been under the care of Dr. Jose Robles of PCMC & St. Luke’s for 2 years. Tx: Steroid, Trileptal, Betaferon, etc. July 11, 2005, pt. came in w/ slight imbalance in gait, abdominal pain & nausea, in very bad mood, shouts on slight provocation and easily gets tired. Dr. Robles called, recalling patient for confinement due to the spreading of schlerotic lesion from the right to left hemisphere of patient’s brain.
She was given Rapid Cellular Balancing, advised to continue w/ medications, drink whey milk 2-3x daily, eat plenty of fresh fruits & vegetables and was given food supplements. After balancing pt. felt better. Since then, patient is improving that mother decided to stop all medications & gave only those prescribed by Dr. Navarro. After a week, all symptoms gone except for on & off head-ache. Personality markedly improved. Can now help at home.


Pneumonia / Bronchiectasis Cured!
GERTIE A. YUMPING of Taguig, Rizal

Patient: GERTIE A. YUMPING, 14, female and a resident of 33 Dr. A. Natividad St., Ibayo, Tipas, Taguig, Rizal
CC: Blood in phlegm.
HPI: Apr. 2001, pt. was coughing with blood, brought to Medical City, Dx: pneumonia Tx: antibiotics (IV).
Recurred in July 2001 & was given Hemostan & anti-TB drug. With same complaint, Mar. 2002, pt was back to Medical City, Dx: bronchiectasis. Rx: Lobectomy. Brought to QI for 2nd opinion but same Dx & Rx.
April 1, 2002, patient came to Dr. Robin Navarro, breathless, very pale with cyanotic lips & fingers, & weighing only 78.5lbs. Patient was given Rapid Cellular Balancing, whey milk & Vita Kay. Rx: Cotrimoxazole 800/160mg (BID), Doxin 100mg (OD) and food supplements.
After 4 mos of tx, patient markedly improved. Weighs 90 lbs and grown taller by 4 inches.